Framed Insert Lamp

Comes in two styles
Single Panel - $65.00
Double Panel - $75.00

As used for Judy Diephouse and Lynne Deptula's Distinctive Brushstrokes Pattern Club

Lamp has removable inserts that are framed. Frame is "pegged" in place for easy removal, painting, or changing the insert to the next season. Lamp includes harp, and comes in 2 styles. Single panel (front only) and double panel. (front and back). Total height including harp is 26 inches. This will be a beautiful addition to your home. 


Single panel lamp with 2 extra inserts - $65.00

Double panel lamp with 3 extra inserts - $75.00

XINS extra inserts - $ 3.50 each SOLD SEPRATELY (see category menu)

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