Insert Bowl - 11 Inches

This bowl is so versatile. There are so many options, it should spur your imagination and inspire your creativity.
The bowl is hand turned from quality basswood by Roger right here in the USA. The lid has a recessed area for an insert of your choice. Options available are a 10 inch snowflake cutout (shown), a plain 10 inch wooden circle, or a 10 inch glass insert. The area inside the lid would be recessed to fit any of these inserts to sit flush with the top of the lid. For the glass insert, there would be a nice little "lip" inside so the glass will sit onto the lip and not touch your painting. Inserts are removable or you may wish to glue them inside.
Also available as an option is a music box which canl be placed inside the bowl. Contact us for other musical choices other than the 3 given.
Bowl is 11 inches in diameter with a 10 insert area. Total height is 4.5 inches including 4-1.5 inch ball feet. This is a unique and wonderful piece.
Listed below are the options for the cover and also the option of a musical insert to make this a lovely little music box.
INSB11 Bowl only----------------------------------------------$32.00
Extra inserts:
SF10- Snowflake-----------------------------------------------$4.95
WC10- 10 inch wood circle----------------------------------$8.00
GC10- 10 inch glass circle----------------------------------$10.00
Musical works:
MB1- We Wish You A Merry Christmas------------------- $9.00
MB2- Anniversary Waltz----------------------------------------$9.00
MB3- Silent Night------------------------------------------------$9.00

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Price: $32.00
Insert Bowl 11:
11 Inch Insert Bowl Music Options: