Grandma Leona's Cookie Basket

Two sizes:
10 inch - $42.00
12 inch - $48.00

This beautiful chip-weave basket with a 12-inch diameter cover is 8 inches high including cover. It has a swing handle. The cover is hand-turned from
basswood and has a 4 inch second opening lid in the center. "Just big enough for little hands to reach in and take that cookie Grandma baked just for them".

The 4-inch center lid lies flush with the cover. When painted just right, only Grandma and her grandbabies know where the opening is. "Their little secret!"

Includes inside plastic liner.

Also available in 10 inch basket with 11 inch lid at $42.00.

Coming soon! 14" Grandma's Cookie basket.

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Grandma Leona's Cookie Basket:

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