Charger Plate Bowl

This is a very special and unique piece. The bowl is designed to hold up to 4-9.5 inch charger plates. Two plates will fit nicely inside, and 4 fit nicely inside also, but the top plate will sit up just above the rim of the bowl
The bowl is 11 inches in diameter, 4 inches high including 4-1.5 inch ball feet, and the inside depth is 2.25 inches deep.
What a wonderful piece to paint up and have sitting on you dining room table ready to serve your guests. The 9.5 inch charger plate is just the right size to use with a glass liner plate available in most craft supply stores.
CBL11 Charger bowl-------------------------------------- $32.00
CBL11-2 Charger bowl w/2 charger plates--------- $52.00
CBL11-4 Charger bowl w/4 charger plates----------$69.00

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Price: $32.00
Charger Plates: